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Mark Moran
Mark Moran is a lifelong resident of New Jersey. After graduating from Parson's School of Design 1983 he set out on a journey of weird discovery, wandering the back roads, back alleys and back woods of the U.S., listening to the tall tales locals would tell and photographing the unusual sites he found along the way. This odd quest would lead to him to his unforeseen and unexpected roles as magazine publisher, author and TV show host.

These days Mark lives a seemingly normal life in a quiet Jersey suburb with his wife and two daughters. Though his mild-mannered neighbors would never suspect it, each morning as he jumps into his Jeep to go to work, Mark begins a brand new adventure into the unknown, seldom explored and all but forgotten side of American culture.

Mark Sceurman
With his love for the state of New Jersey and his affection for the strange, Mark blended the two into a magazine called Weird N.J. It was an adventurous concept that explored every unbelievable tale he would hear while traveling around the state. The response to the publications was overwhelming. Thus, the journey to uncover little-known weird stories about the other 49 states began.

Mark has been in the publishing industry most of his life as a graphic designer, writer, and man behind the scenes on the New Jersey music front. During the last 7 years he’s been traveling across the United States—sometimes with a camera crew for the Weird U.S. television series—and sometimes just jumping in the car and hitting the road, with only cryptic notes and crude directions as the guide.

He is of New Jersey, from the county of Essex where he lives with his wife Shirley and their daughter. He likes rock ‘n’ roll, vacations “down the shore,” and was voted “most likely to spontaneously combust” in his high school yearbook.


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