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The Kissing Statues

Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in the lovely small town of Beaumont has a legend of it's own, but with a slight difference... rather than spooky, this one is a little more on the romantic side.

You see, in the midst of this gorgeously green, landscaped graveyard stands a well-known memorial that locals refer to as the Kissing Statues. It is an intricate, life-sized, and exquisitely-rendered likeness of an eternally loving couple. The statue itself is a marvel to view––every tiny detail, every fold of fabric and bulge of vein under skin is delicately and perfectly carved.

If it were not for their slightly weathered state you might expect them to take a breath or turn their eyes upon you at any second, even in the bright sunshine.

However, nighttime is the time when this memorial turns from sentimental statuary to local legend––for it is said that if you pull your car around the drive behind them in the darkness of night, and shine your bright lights on them, the statues will turn and begin to kiss. Witnesses have reported seeing the girl's face turning sideways toward her lover as his white marbled arms reach around to caress her back and the two share a long, spectral kiss.

Eerie, yes, but an undeniably romantic twist makes this one intriguing and unforgettable graveyard romance.

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