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Military Mayhem in Montauk, Long Island

World War II saw the advent of many top-secret projects aimed at developing new forms of weaponry and technology. Obviously, the most famous of these was the Manhattan Project, which yielded the nuclear bombs used to end the war with Japan. Others have either been forgotten, or more sinisterly, have been covered up due to their dangerous implications and unexpected results. One of these darker experiments, according to some, took place right here in New York, in the town of Montauk on Long Island’s eastern end. The effects

of the evil experiments that took place there are still being felt—in fact, some say they are still going on.

The events on Long Island have come to be known as The Montauk Project. This phrase refers to a series of top-secret experiments in mind control, time travel, psychotronics, and the creation of black holes. These experiments were based out of an old Air Force radar station, or more accurately, in a vast complex hidden in the earth beneath this radar station. How could this come to be? How could such radical experiments be hidden beneath a town just a stone’s throw from the largest city in the world? The story of the Montauk Project begins not on Long Island, but in Philadelphia in 1943.

The Philadelphia Experiment was the informal name of the Rainbow Project, which was an attempt by the United States military to create technology that would allow vessels to achieve radar-invisibility—in other words, this was an early attempt at developing what we know these days as stealth technology. These experiments came to be focused on the USS Eldridge, a navy destroyer based out of Philadelphia Naval Yard. According to legend, the ship was bombarded with electromagnetic energy, and it did become radar-invisible. Much to everyone’s surprise, it also became literally invisible, vanishing from sight. For just a few scant seconds, the ship materialized off of the coast of Norfolk, Virginia, before reappearing miles away in Philadelphia. Initially the ship seemed fine. Unfortunately, things were much worse than they seemed.

A number of crew members of the Eldridge had died horrible deaths in the process of the teleportation. They were literally fused to the metal parts of the ship. Those who didn’t die were driven to the point of insanity by this terrible ordeal. Obviously, government officials and military brass were horrified by the results of their experiments. Official funding was quickly pulled from the Philadelphia Experiment and the Manhattan Project took focus as far as secret military weapons spending went.

But there were those, both scientists and military officials, who wanted to continue exploring the possibilities created by the results of the experiments in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. True, the dangers were great, but the potential for new types of super-weaponry were even greater. Congress, however, refused to fund any further endeavors by those who wished to expand upon the results of the Philadelphia Experiment. So these scientists and military men went over the heads of Congress.

It was decided that a secret military installation would be created where scientists could conduct experiments on these new technologies away from prying eyes. An old, obsolete air force station on the eastern tip of Long Island, known by the code name of Camp Hero, was decided upon as the perfect site. The site had recently been decommissioned because new satellite technologies deemed its radar capabilities obsolete. Montauk, a quiet, upscale, and at that time sparsely populated spot, was considered the perfect location—it was relatively secluded, and yet was still close to New York City.

Construction began on a huge subterranean complex that would house the newly formed alliance of scientific and military minds known as the Montauk Project. This base went into operation sometime in the early 1960s. By the 1970s, the experiments being conducted under the surface of Montauk had reached epic proportions, and seemed like something more apt to exist in a comic book or science fiction novel than in a sleepy Long Island beach town.

The military focused the efforts of the Montauk Project primarily on mind control experimentation. They gathered young males with psychic sensitivity, and in some cases, they supposedly even kidnapped these test subjects. These boys would sit in a specially developed chair aimed at enhancing their latent psychic abilities. This chair was being blasted with energy waves that allowed scientists to control their young subjects’ minds. Amazingly, it was discovered that the most adept of these young psychics were able to focus on objects so intensely that the objects would momentarily physically materialize. Legend says that the most noteworthy wielder of this power was a young man named Duncan Cameron.

Experiments on the powerful Mr. Cameron led scientists to realize that their efforts allowed them to manipulate reality not just spatially, but temporally as well. In other words, they had become masters not just of physical space, but also of time.

At this point, many involved in the Montauk Project began to feel that it was reeling out of control. Scientists were creating wormholes on the premises of the base, which could then be used to further test time travel. This was viewed as maniacal and dangerous by many. The base itself was also physically growing out of control; by this point its subterranean layers had grown so expansive that they laid directly beneath the town center of Montauk itself. Time was being tampered with, and civilians were being endangered. Many thought the project was growing too big to control and would meet with a disastrous end. In August of 1983, they were proved correct.

It was determined that those involved in the Montauk Project would travel exactly forty years into the past to establish contact with their predecessors aboard the USS Eldridge in the Philadelphia Experiment. Those who wished to end the project saw their chance. They got Duncan Cameron to envision a large, angry, powerful Sasquatch-like creature at the exact moment the two experiments came together in time. This beast materialized at Montauk and began destroying the base in a rage. It utterly decimated the place, tanking the project and disconnecting it from the past. As soon as the equipment harnessing people’s psychic power was destroyed, the beast disappeared and the time tunnels maintained by the scientists collapsed upon themselves.

It had become obvious that the Montauk Project was impossible to support further. The project was dismantled. Many of the participants were brainwashed into forgetting what they had witnessed. Others swore oaths of secrecy, vowing never to reveal what they had witnessed out on the eastern tip of Long Island. The base was closed and abandoned. Some say minimal activity does still occur there and is tied to the activities of nearby institutions such as Brookhaven Labs. Some conspiracy theorists have claimed that these ongoing experiments helped inadvertently cause the tragic crash of TWA Flight 800 off of the coast of Long Island in 1996.

These days, the surface of the supposed site of the Montauk Project, where the radar station is located, is officially a state park. However, the United States military still owns all of the property underneath the surface of this area. And police and military officials have been said to patrol the entire area—even that which is on paper listed as a publicly accessible park. Tales are told from time to time of suburban families looking to experience nature being chased off of the grounds of the former Camp Hero by gun-toting military men who offer very little explanation in regards to their actions.

Who knows if the Montauk Project is still ongoing? Who knows how deep these cavernous laboratories stretch? Who knows what vast secrets they hold? The world may never know the full truth of what has gone on beneath the sandy soil of Montauk.

Lasting Reminders of Montauk Project Still Keep Us Wondering

I live in New Jersey, but work on Long Island. I recently became aware of an old military base at the eastern-most tip of Long Island in Montauk. The base is all the way at the end of the island if you follow Route 27 to the end. During World War II it was named Camp Hero. It was used for coastal defense and had some large guns and bunkers. After World War II was over, the Army gave the base to the Air Force and it became know as Montauk Air Force Station. Reportedly, it was used as a radar station during the Cold War.

According to legend, the base actually lost its funding in the late 1960s because the radar technology was obsolete, but was open until 1983. The area is now a New York state park, but the buildings are intact and radar equipment remains standing. Also, from what I learned, what is really strange is that while the government gave the land to the state, it still owns the land beneath the base.

Apparently there are many levels beneath ground that were used for research and the base was really a cover-up. Some people say that is absolutely documented that there is a subterranean city beneath the base that is still being used today by secret branches of the military. People say that the radar equipment was built as a cover up so that the military could conduct experiments in time travel and mind control and this is what all the electronics equipment was for. The Montauk Air Force Station was said to have carried out numerous terrible experiments in cooperation with many research laboratories on Long Island. Apparently, this base was also in cooperation with Mitchell Air Force Base on Long Island.

There are a lot of really weird stories about this place. The base and the "Montauk Project" was said to have something to do with the "Philadelphia Experiment” and the “Rainbow Project.” These may all be related.  –Derden

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