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The Big Leather-Wearing Guy of Route 30 in Mayfield originally stood out in front of Alvord's House of Leather, which closed its doors in 1998. Decked out in his hippest 1970s suede fringe jacket and knee-high boots, he now welcomes customers to a new store, the Adirondack Leather Shop. He still seems right at home though, judging from the serene (and somewhat lecherous) smile on his big face. Sporting an oddly groomed beard, combed over mop of brown hair, bushy sideburns and black horn-rimmed glasses, he looks something like Austin Powers disguised as a radical university English professor circa 1972. Groovy baby, groovy!

The Big Hippie Dude

I have just come back from a vacation in the Adirondacks. Here are some pictures of our trip. This is the “Big Man” located on Route 30 in Mayfield. He stands outside the Adirondack Leather Shop. Besides the novelty of being a Big Man, I always had the impression that he was made to look specifically like someone, perhaps the original owner––I think it’s the glasses. My husband has been taking this trip since the ’60s and the Big Guy was always there. They used to call him the Hippie Dude.The other roadside attraction is the “Tree House,” also on Route 30 as you approach Northville. I don’t know the origin of this one, but it’s weird to see a house built around a tree!  –Geralyn Colvil

Photos by Debra Jane Seltzer

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