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The Devil Worship House of North Massapequa

When I was growing up in Long Island, there was this house in North Massapequa, which was known for devil worshipping. They painted their sidewalks black and the house had an old-fashioned coffin carriage in their front yard. The windows on the house had velvet curtains. It was pretty dark. This was 20 years ago.

I have personally seen this house when I was a teenager. There also was another house in the upper Brookville area that also painted their sidewalks black and had an upside down cross painted on their tree. I came across that house on my way to the Planting Fields Park. Again, this was 20 years ago when Long Island was known to have Devil Worshipping activity.  –Karen R.

Devil Worshipers Leave a Light Burning For You

I remember the Devil worshipping house well. If memory serves correctly, it was in North Massapequa. The sidewalks were painted black and there was always a hearse parked in the driveway. I visited many times with friends when I was in high school.

The story we had always heard was a very ominous one. Supposedly, the devil worshippers kept a candle burning every night in one of their windows. If you were to drive by one time, you would see this lone candle. But if you went for a second lap in your car past the house, the number of candles would be adjusted to match the number of people in your car––instead of one, there would be two, three, four, or five, depending on how large the crew you brought with you on that particular night was. We tested the legend, and it turned out to be true. When we went by for our second lap, the number of candles had indeed changed according to our carload. This was incredibly frightening––it meant that the devil worshippers were watching you!  –Todd

Devil Worshipers Are Counting on You

I went to the Devil Worship house maybe three times. We always went on weekend nights when my crew was bored. We'd be driving around and would decide to go up to the house in North Massapequa.

There'd be four of us in a car, and we'd drive pretty slowly past the house. It looked pretty normal, but for a few things. There was the black sidewalk, the hearse in the driveway, and the red electric candle in the front window. We'd slowly cruise past, then go around the corner so we could see the back of the house. You had to look carefully for the back windows, because there was another house in the way. But invariably, we'd see four red electric candles in the window. I remember it working each time. I never once remember it not working. Pretty freaky.

One time we parked at the house behind the devil house to look at the candles, hoping we'd see something else––a person or something. We never did, which sucks. I wish we saw someone digging a grave but alas, nothing. We only stayed for like five minutes because it was freaky.

I can only imagine what it must have been like to live around that house. I have been there. This is no friend of a friend crap.  –Flynn Barrison

Sidewalks Run Red at Satan House

I wanted to write to you guys about a house on Long Island in Massapequa. This house looks just like the Addams Family house. They have big metal gates and velvet red curtains all throughout the house. On most nights you can see and hear them chanting through the windows. They burn candles and have pentagrams all over the windows in the house. They even have a red sidewalk (I don't know how the town allows that).

They also have a hearse that they keep parked in the driveway. I don't know much about the people that live inside. Rumor has it that they are a Satanist cult and that Anton LaVey, who is kind of like the god of the Satanist cult, has actually been inside this house and has done lectures and sermons there.

The house is well known on Long Island. Any time you drive by you are almost always going to see a car load of people driving by to take a peek. I have seen the people who live in the house and they are very scary looking. They dress in black and are very gothic looking with their black makeup and the black clothes. They look like stereotypical gothic people.  –Jennifer

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