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Suicide Road

This strange road off Route 3 in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge has somehow acquired the reputation of a suicide road. The road, which has no official name or number, was evidently built many decades ago and is only about a mile long with two or three turns before it reaches a dead end. Actually there seems to be no logical reason for this road to exist. According to the ghastly tale someone committed suicide here fifty-some years ago and you can still see the blood. I could find nothing concerning a suicide or death of any kind on this road. However, there are some red spots of glossy paint (or is it paint?) on the pavement which, at first glance looks just like blood and is definitely startling if you are looking for evidence of the suicide story.

Also Called “Dead Man Road”
Suicide road is also called “dead man road.” It is not a main road but it is on north Merritt Island in the Wild Life Refuge. There was a man that committed suicide on this road before it became government property. They say that when it rains the spot where he died turn red like blood. It is very hard to find this place because it is off the main road and really don’t go anywhere. –shooter

Possible Origin of the Story
I asked one of the security officers that patrol the wild life refuge about Suicide Road and he said he never heard of it. I think the story got started by a man that had a fish camp there a long time ago and after the government took all that land he had to move. When I went to high school our coach told us the story about it and said that he got it from that guy that had a fish camp there but did not know if anybody really committed suicide there. –pottymouth

You’ll Get Sucked Dry of Blood
We went out there and checked out Suicide Road and it is not easy to find. It is like somebody just built a road to nowhere in the middle of nowhere. The road has no other name because I don’t think it was ever intended to be a real road––it is more like somebody was practicing building a road because it doesn’t go anywhere. There is no rhyme or reason for it being there and that is the biggest mystery of all. The only blood that I saw was where some body spilled red paint (?) in the middle of the road down near the dead end. Beware that if you go there you will be sucked dry of blood by the horrendous swarms of mosquitoes. –Willlis-in-Titusville


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