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Get Ye to an Abandoned Nunnery!

In the early 1920’s, the Catholic Church owned a retreat known as Saint Anne’s in Logan Canyon, Utah. The remnants of this place still stand today, and it is one of the most chilling places I have ever visited. Hearing the story of why it is such a dark, cursed place only makes it worse.

This retreat was not for rest or relaxation. It was actually the place where the church sent those nuns who had committed terrible wrongs in their lives. In many instances, this meant that nuns who had gotten a little wicked and wound up pregnant made their way here. They would live in seclusion, have their children, and the children would be discreetly given up for adoption without anyone knowing.

Well one nun decided that she wanted to keep her baby. She decided to give birth to it then steal away with it in the dead of the night. Unfortunately, the head nun at the retreat caught wind of her plan at the last moment. Soon after the nun took off into the woods with her baby, the furious head nun followed after her. The head nun completely lost it, and began yelling about how she would kill the nun and the baby when she caught them. Knowing she might not escape, the nun hid her newborn child under a bunch of brush. 

She took off and soon lost the head nun. She waited, scared and alone, in the wilderness for a few hours, then made her way back to the baby’s hiding spot to retrieve it. When she got there, her baby was gone.

Immediately, she started to go into a breakdown. She feared the worse--the head nun must have discovered the child and taken it. She sprinted back to the nunnery only to have her worst fears confirmed. As she snuck around the outskirts of the grounds, she came to the pool that sat outside the buildings of St. Anne’s. There, floating face down, was her child. Overwhelmed by guilt, shame, and anger, the nun committed suicide right there at the edge of the pool.

Life went on at the nunnery and no one spoke of the tragedy. The nun was seen as the bad guy in the situation, who got what she deserved. For years, Saint Anne’s continued to function and no one ever spoke of the awful atrocity the head nun inflicted on the nun and the baby. Nowadays, the spot is abandoned. You can visit it and see both the buildings where they lived, the woods they chased each other through, and the pool where the baby drowned.  They say that on certain nights you can hear desperate screams and the cries of babies off in the distance. I have been there myself and can vouch for the fact that the nunnery is a frightening, foreboding place.  –Alicia McKetrick

Ghosts Still Guard the Abandoned Convent at Night

There is an old nunnery about three miles up in Logan Canyon. If you don't look for it you'd never see it. It's on the other side of the river and is set back into the mountains and fenced in. There are houses and an old chapel and a swimming pool. The only thing noticeable as you drive by is a huge gate that is locked and barb wired. They have guards stationed up there at all times. The Catholic church used to use it as a place to send nuns that were having troubles, mainly ones that had gotten pregnant.

The story goes that a nun tried to escape with her baby late one night. She left her baby in the bushes to lead the dogs away from her child. When she returned to the spot the baby was missing so she returned to the main houses and saw her baby floating in the swimming pool dead.

The nun then killed herself in the pool. The whole area was sold years later to a private family. A group of kids got in there once before security was beefed up and they swore the empty swimming pool was freezing even though it was a July night. Rumor has it that if you go up there at night and pull off on the shoulder of the road you can see the eyes of the dogs sniffing for the nun and I've heard a woman crying myself. You really do feel as though someone on the other side of the bank is watching you in the dark. I never go up the canyon at night. It's the freakiest place around here.  –Leslie, via email

Weird Utah

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