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The Bailey Ghost Light is Looking to Wet Its Whistle

Hey Weird TX,

I wanted to let you know about a surly old ghost that haunts Brazoria County, here in Texas. There is a stretch of land known as Bailey’s Prairie near Angleton. It is named for the mean old man who owned the land back in the days before this area was even part of America. He did whatever he wanted, often disobeying orders from the government. He was a slave owner and was incredibly brutal to his slaves. When he died, they got their little bit of revenge on him, not knowing that it would cause him to come from beyond the grave to haunt them forever.

He asked to be buried standing up, facing west, with his gun and a jug of whiskey at his feet. Well, before they filled in his grave, those slaves figured he owed them something for all the abuse he dished out towards them over the years. They stole his jug of whiskey and drank it.

Ever since then, people have seen a strange ball of white light bouncing around in Bailey’s Prairie. They say it’s old man Bailey, carrying a lantern, still roaming his old stomping grounds searching for his whiskey jug.

When I was 13, my cousin took me out there to see the lights for myself. She and her friends were older and had seen it many times before. I was completely terrified by the story of old man Bailey’s ghost. My cousin greatly enjoyed seeing me so scared.

We got out near West Columbia. She took me to a specific area––I still can’t remember exactly where we were––and we sat and waited. I begged her to go, and was greatly relieved that after a few minutes nothing had appeared. She seemed to be getting bored and disappointed. She started the car and started to back up. I was elated.

“Wait, look!” she said and put the car back into park. Off in the distance, an intense white light was moving around. It started heading right towards us. I began screaming.

She put the car in drive and got out of there. The thing got within a few hundred yards of us and then disappeared as abruptly as it had appeared. I don’t know what it is––I’ve tried to think of rational explanations for it, but still can’t think of anything that explains it away. I guess Old Man Bailey was just thirsty that night. –Greg D.

Weird Texas


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