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Boliver Lighthouse

It seems that everyone in Galveston and the surrounding area knows something or other about the infamous black lighthouse on the tip of the Bolivar Peninsula, which is separated from Galveston by the Galveston Channel that leads into Galveston Bay. From 1872-1933 this historic lighthouse shined its beacon into the dark night, guiding ships into the Port of Galveston from the Gulf of Mexico. In order to get closer to this amazing place, we took a ferry across the Galveston Channel over to Bolivar Peninsula.

Well-known for its history, this old landmark also has its share of ghost stories and local legends, some of which have persisted from as far back as the 1950's and even earlier. Many of these center around the times when the lighthouse was unoccupied and the local teenagers would dare each other to enter its haunted structure. The ghost stories seems to revolve around a young man who is said to have committed the awful crime of murdering his own parents at the lighthouse, and the claim that his angry, restless spirit has remained there ever since. Some have claimed to see his ghostly presence in the lighthouse windows. The entire property is now privately owned and closed to the public, and its occupants, whose family has owned the lighthouse for decades, have no knowledge or evidence of any deaths in or around the tower.


While there doesn’t seem to be no history of any such incident, Bolivar's ghostly lore is nonetheless still deeply rooted in the area's folklore, along with it's impressive history. It's all just part of the lighthouse's undeniable intrigue and charm.

Add to all this the fact that over time, the majestic lighthouse has weathered to a jet-black color, which just adds to the mystique. Though logic and science tell us that years of saltwater air and oxidation have given the towering landmark its dark shade, superstition is strong and there are those who see spectral significance in the darkening of the edifice.

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