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Witches Grave – Liberty Hill

The story of the 'Witches Grave' in the Hunt Cemetery of Liberty Hill, Texas dates back to the 1800's, when it is said that a young black girl (possibly a slave) was accused of witchcraft (and/or possibly horse thievery), and was hung in a tree in or next to a lonely graveyard. Legend has it that she was then buried in the same cemetery, and that her stone was marked with words to the effect of "whoever passes over this grave, shall die as I died.” They also say that if you dare to go to the cemetery at night, you will see the girl's body hanging in the tree and hear her cries.

For some reason the town of Liberty Hill scared me. I don't want to speak ill of the place––I'm sure there are some lovely folks there. But we just saw some iffy racial-type things (and people) there that made us go “hmm”... along with the fact that Liberty Hill was pretty tiny, isolated community set away from everything else, with lots of lonely, desolate back roads to run into trouble on. Roads exactly like the one we found the cemetery on, in fact.

We didn't have a name for the cemetery. No one seemed to know it. And we could only find one on the tiny bit of the map that was Liberty Hill. So that's the one we set out to find. We found the road it was on pretty easily, but it seemed like we drove on it for a long time before rounding a curve and seeing tombstones. This place was isolated. And very old––we could see many tombstones from the 1800's. Lots were so old they were barely readable. The cemetery was enclosed by a chain-link fence and filled with waist-high grass in most places. It completely engulfed some of the tombstones.

There were some old gnarled trees along one edge of the graveyard, and a covered concrete slab that looked like it could have served as a place to conduct funerals maybe. Some chickens actually crossed the road (yes, there's probably a joke in there somewhere) to see what we were up to and were kind of clucking at us the whole time we were there. I swear I was having visions of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie in my head, it was just that kind of place (and the chickens were throwing in just the right kind of ambience), more than a little creepy. The cemetery itself was actually beautiful and peaceful even though it was unkempt. Walking through the waist-high grass was freaky because anything could have been under there. I was particularly worried about snakes hiding in the grass, but the fanciful section of my mind also kept suggesting zombies lurking down there too.

I was thinking about the girl who was supposedly hung, and how if it was a true story it probably pretty much amounted to a lynching, and it began to make me feel really sad. The whole place had that kind of vibe, intense sadness and stillness.

I was on the other end of the graveyard when Mark called out that he'd found an interesting tombstone under one of the spooky old trees. I went over to see it and was able to make out the words “Remember friends as you pass by, as you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, so prepare to follow me” engraved on it. And right next to it, on the ground, was another tombstone. This one lying broken in half and in much more deteriorated condition, with the exact same inscription on it. And both dated in the 1800's. Could one of these be the “Witches Grave?” They were under a tree, with the same kind of spooky prophetic inscription, dated in the right time period. I honestly don't know. I think it might be, but I still don't have the evidence to be 100% sure.

All I know is that the tombstones were very unsettling, the entire place had a very intensely-sad feeling, and I felt very distinctly uncomfortable the entire time we were there, as if we were being watched, or like something very unpleasant could happen at any time. Let's just say my antenna were up.

A final note: when I got home and looked at the pictures I’d taken, I noticed an odd blue thing floating about the car in one shot and it was so weird looking! It may just be some photography anomaly, but it was odd how BRIGHT blue the thing was, and how when I enlarged it it really seems to almost be a solid thing (you can see highlights and shadows on it), and that it actually radiating a faint glow. I have no idea what caused it, but found it interesting and wanted to point it out.

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