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The Hatchet Man of Wehr Road

There's an odd legend surrounding the cemetery on Wehr Road in Trenton, Butler County. Seems that many years ago, the cemetery caretaker was making his nightly rounds when he was attacked by an unknown assailant, who happened to be carrying a hatchet. The caretaker was chopped to bloody bits and his killer disappeared into the night, never to be seen again. In the afterlife, things apparently can get quite mixed up. For while the caretaker's only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, his spirit ended up being forced to walk the cemetery for all eternity.

Not only that, but the caretaker's ghost somehow managed to acquire the very hatchet that ended his life. All of this must have driven the poor man's spirit mad because there are those who say that they've heard the sounds of a hatchet being repeatedly slammed into the side of a mausoleum late at night. A few brave souls have even reported seeing hatchet marks all along the side of the mausoleum. Unfortunately, few have been able to verify this, as the caretaker's ghost has been known to chase away anyone who dares try to get close to his lair or even set foot in the cemetery after dark.

While it is most commonly referred to as the Wehr Road Cemetery, the actual name of the graveyard is Hickory Flats. Thrill seekers expecting to find an old, overgrown cemetery are more than likely going to be disappointed, as Hickory Flats is not only immaculate, but also very well cared for. It just doesn't seem like the place you'd find an ax-wielding ghost, especially when you take into consideration the missing main ingredient; the mausoleum.

You can search high and low throughout Hickory Flats Cemetery, but in the end you're just going to have to admit that there's no mausoleum here. We know this for a fact, because we tried to find it. And when it became apparent that there wasn't a mausoleum, we tried using our imagination and started saying things like "well, if I close one eye and squint the other, that sort of looks like a mausoleum." But alas, even using that means of deduction, nary a hatchet mark was found anywhere within the cemetery. Oh well, at least the woods around Wehr Road were filled with lots of spooky things––or not.

Name any unsavory character you can think of and chances are they've been rumored to inhabit the woods along Wehr Road. Ghosts, witches, secret cults, and even members of the KKK have all been linked to these woods at one time or another. And while the ghosts simply float through the woods at night, the "mortal" groups are believed to conduct strange rituals in abandoned barns and buildings hidden deep in the forest.

It didn't take long for us to stumble upon the abandoned buildings along Wehr Road. But based on their close proximity to the road, these buildings really wouldn't make an ideal hideout or a place to conduct one's rituals in secrecy. On top of that, most of the buildings were about ready to collapse and one of them had apparently recently burned down. Other than some spray painted names on a few walls, there was very little to suggest that anyone, let alone a secret society, was frequenting these houses. To be honest, it was very hard to conclude anything about the rumors of mysterious gatherings taking place here. Except that, based on the amount of trash thrown around in the area, if there are secret groups meeting here, they clearly don't have weekly trash pick-ups.

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