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Blue Limestone Park

Strange stories are told about the picturesque community park in Delaware called Blue Limestone. It borders a rail line that has lent itself to tragedy over the years, or so they say; a 1920s train accident in the vicinity has yet to be confirmed as real, but it's to this that many of the unexplained phenomena in the park are attributed. Strange lights are seen there, especially at night, moving around in patterns much like people. The lost spirits of train wreck victims? Drowning victims from the quarry? No one seems to agree on much besides the fact that Blue Limestone Park is haunted.

Following a rough path through the woods and crossing a small stream will bring you to a brick tunnel under the railway. It's here that many of the legends are centered. Enigmatic chunks of concrete and metal are strewn throughout the woods here. Lights are often seen in the darkness beneath the tracks, and disembodied voices are heard. A ghost train even reenacts the fatal wreck of the 1920s.

Blue Limestone's Haunted Tunnel

There are two back quarries, and the area is extremely creepy at night. Inside the tunnel, if you listen hard, it does sound like voices, though that could be a trick of the acoustics.  There's some odd things with the tracks, both not carrying the vibration of a coming train and also not carrying heat from the passing. Both could also be from the tunnel being under it.  There are parts of the tunnel you can't get to anymore—you used to be able to go to the top of the back side of the tunnel from the sides, but erosion took most of the footholds away.  There are a number of concrete pieces hidden in the woods surrounding the tunnel, most of which look like they were part of the tunnel.

How they got there I don't know—they're a good thirty to forty yards away in the trees, but they look like the emplacements at the top of the tunnel beside the train tracks. –Mike Shaffer

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