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The Sneaker Trees of Lyndonville

The United States is dotted from coast to coast with what have come to be known as “Shoe Trees.” These trees stand strong in many different states throughout the union, bound together by one thing—they have inexplicably come to be the home of dozens, if not hundreds of pairs of shoes, hanging from their branches as if they were fruit springing forth from the vine.


Well, New York is proud to throw its hat into the mix with not one, but a cluster of four shoe trees. They’re known as the Sneaker Trees of Lyndonville. These four maples stand on Morrison Road in the small Orleans County town. Each separate tree contains dozens of sneakers—local custom says that if you make a wish and toss your sneakers into one of the trees, your wish will come true as long as the sneakers catch. Maybe the surest bet of all is to wish for a brand new pair of kicks.

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