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The Staten Island’s Stonehenged Shores

Walking along the wind-swept southern shoreline of Staten Island, between Page and Sharrot Avenues, one is suddenly transported to an alien landscape as hundreds of stone towers, roads, rooms, and driftwood monoliths rise from the beach. The curious sculptures, which are composed of materials found along the high tide line, rise seemingly out of nowhere to meet you. Upon seeing the thousands upon thousands of stones painstakingly piled meticulously atop each other, one can only wonder, “Why?”



What is this rocky place doing way out here on this barren, desolate shore, far from the nearest house?  Is this the work of some mad hermit who has made his home on the remote sands of the Raritan Bay as if a castaway?

The stony shoreline is the creation of artist Douglas Schwartz, who says the half-mile stretch of coast is an experiment in ecological art. Whether or not Mr. Schwartz is in fact mad is up to the viewer to decide for themselves. If you’d like to meet the artist, Mr. Schwartz can be found working on the project every Sunday and Monday morning. The stones can be found there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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