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The Gigantic Genitalia

A Very Well Endowed Fountain

Get a load of this picture. This is a statue that is on our “campus” at 1 Blue Hill Plaza in lovely Pearl River, NY. The lake you see in the foreground also has a fountain in it. You can only imagine what it looks like when the fountain is turned on!  –Michael Mahle



Anatomically Incorrect in Rockland

The Giant Vagina of Rockland is a big sculpture that stands in front of the County Courthouse. This sculpture was erected sometime in the 1970's and was regarded at first as modern, abstract art. It used to stand in front of the County Courthouse and faced the main street. In the 1980's people started complaining that it looked more anatomical than abstract––it looked like a vagina! Suddenly nobody could look at it and NOT see a vagina, so the legislators swiveled the offending side of the sculpture away from the street and towards the courthouse. And there it stands today!  –Robert Martens

You can read about all of New York’s other Roadside Oddities and curious attractions in our book Weird New York.

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