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White X’s and Albinos on Head Road (Buckout Road)

Growing up in Westchester County involves taking part in a sort of subculture. We’re outside of the city, in a sort of nebulous zone. Some people refer to us as being “upstate,” which is false. Others seem to think we’re part of Long Island. No, Westchester is an entity unto itself. I think it is this that gives so many people such a strong local connection, and I think it is this mentality that leads to the amount of stories and legends we all hear and tell about the place growing up.

My favorite haunted place growing up was the infamous Head Road. The real name of the road is Buckhout Road. Up until a few years ago, it didn’t have any streetlights. Even with the recent addition of these lights, it is still a scary place. It is a long, desolate one-way road. This means that once you enter the road, you have to ride its entire length––there is no getting out!

The legends all seem to revolve around a number of X’s that are painted near a house on the road. I have heard two different things about these X’s. One is that back in the day a few witches from the local area were captured and killed by frightened residents of these parts. They were buried underneath what is now Buckhout Road. The X’s mark the spots where they lie. This story claims that you should avoid driving your car directly over the X’s, because if you don’t, your car will shut off.

The other rumor about the X’s is also the one that gave the name its unofficial name, Head Road. The X’s supposedly stand as a warning that a nearby house is inhabited by a gang of surly albinos. The albinos hate visitors to the road, and will attack anyone who lingers near their dwelling. According to local lore, this was proven one night a few years back in a big way.

A few high school kids had taken to taunting the albinos, driving by and honking their horns, banging on their door at night, generally making their lives difficult. The albinos began lashing out at them as often as possible. The kids kept pulling their unkind pranks, not realizing how seriously the albinos of Buckhout were about being left alone.

One night, a kid pulled up outside the house to place an M-80 in the mailbox of the house. He approached the mailbox and opened it, only to be met with a terrifying sight. A child’s decapitated head fell out of the mailbox and landed at his feet. Hence, the name Head Road. The moniker has stuck ever since. Needless to say, those kids learned their lesson and didn’t mess with the albino family ever again. But many people do still take late night rides down Buckhout Road. Some are tempting witches and some are looking for albinos––all I know is that Head Road is a true Westchester County rite of passage.  –Bobby

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