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Wing’s Castle: For Sale For a King’s Ransom

One of the most famous personalized properties in the entire state is up for sale. And it ain’t cheap!

Wing’s Castle is an eclectic, hand-crafted castle that was built in Millbrook, New York by the Peter and Toni Wing. Construction began in 1969 and finished nearly three decades later. Since the completion of the structure, the castle has become a curiosity visited by thousands of people each year. It’s perched on a hill with a spectacular view of the beautiful Hudson Valley below. The castle itself,

both interior and exterior, is adorned with found objects, strange faces, and architectural oddities that leave most visitors scratching their heads in wonder. Eighty percent of the giant castle was built using discarded or found building materials.

Now, Wing’s Castle is up for sale––and the asking price is seven million, nine hundred thousand dollars. This may seem like a ridiculously steep price, but the castle is located in a prime real estate area and is a truly beautiful building. It is not just the home of the Wings, but of an annual Shakespeare festival that uses the castle’s fantastical appearance as a backdrop for Shakespeare’s plays.

The castle has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of those bathrooms is in the shape of a three-leaf clover. The home also has a fireplace shaped like the Buddha, as well as a moat surrounding it that serves as a swimming pool. The property itself is adorned with dozens of images of faces and dragons.

Peter Wing was born in the Hudson Valley, and left it only to join the United States Navy after being ejected from high school at the age of seventeen. He saw the world, and many of the things he saw in the Mediterranean and Asia have been incorporated into his designs for the castle.

In a recent edition of the Poughkeepsie Journal, Peter Wing himself wrote a column explaining the impetus behind building the castle, his connection to it, and what it has come to mean to the community of Millbrook and beyond.

“Why did we create it? I have tried to answer this question to no avail. However, it may well be the Hudson’s vista—the mind and spirit soar,

imagination takes flight up here. Look over history: the Dutch, French, English colonists, fighting to hold it; Native Americans probably did the same among themselves. The sunsets of color can stir you on.”

Wing obsessively adds onto the castle that bears his name. Even with the structure itself completed, he continues to find new additions to build. He recently told the Poughkeepsie Journal of plans for an outdoor section of the castle.

“I’m finishing a garden complex and small court that bed-and-breakfast guests can enjoy. There are stone angels, faces, Greek gods and strong Asian and Spanish influences. The castle proper was finished eight years ago. The garden complex has taken that long so far, with another two years to complete. As I walk the paths of the first construction, vines and flowers and birds have overtaken it. It seems it has always been there.”

If you are interested in Wing’s Castle and have eight million dollars to spare, you can visit www.wingcastle.us for more information. Be sure that you’re the right type of person before you commit to buying the place, though––Wing’s Castle is only fit for a king.

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