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The Crypt Keeper Knocks BACK!

This is one creepy phenomenon I know to be true, because I heard it.

In a cemetery located on Route 8 in New York State between Unadilla and Bridgewater is a crypt belonging to Eunice Welsh. If you knock or pound on the door, you will hear a rustling sound from inside, and you will have your knock returned! I have done it and I have heard it! I have tried this phenomenon twice, once alone (it scared the crap out of me) and again six months later with a girlfriend, who swears she heard a voice hiss “leave me, leave me, go!” I didn’t hear that, but I did hear the two knocks returned.


Oddly enough, Eunice is buried in the last row of graves on the hill behind the crypt, which I was told was a “holding” crypt for the deceased during the winter when the ground was too frozen to dig, making burial impossible.

The cemetery has no name, but is visible on the left hand side going north on Route 8 on a slow curve of road followed by a large cornfield.  –Red

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