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Ghost Toys with Customers in Sunnyvale

Toys R Us, at 130 East El Camino in Sunnyvale, has been featured on television's “That's Incredible” and other shows. Psychics have said that the store is haunted by the ghost of a man who farmed the land on which the store was built. He accidentally cut his leg with an axe while chopping wood and bled to death on the spot. The ghost is an apparently playful poltergeist, and often employees have opened the store in the morning to find the aisles strewn with toys, or have had balls bounce down the floors or teddy bears float down from the shelves. The ghost also follows people into the restrooms and turns on the faucets. Visit Aisle 15C––it seems to always smell of freshly cut flowers. The store managers are happy to live with this mischievous ghost, as their sales climb every time a story is printed about the haunting. Ghostly Activity is Not Childs’ Play at Toys ‘R’ Us

On El Camino in Sunnyvale there is a haunted Toys 'R' Us store. The story goes that many decades ago when the whole Bay Area was still orchards, there was a worker on a farm who was in love with the orchard owner's daughter. It is not known whether she loved him back or not, but one day he was told that it could never work out between them. He went into the field and started chopping wood to relieve his frustration, but in his fury he wasn't paying attention and the axe missed the log and went into his leg. He bled to death by the woodpile.

Later, a Toys 'R' Us was built in that area. Employees have reported coming to work in the morning and finding toys "played with" when no one was in the store. A few even have stories about being alone in the stock room and seeing boxes move, feeling hands or someone steadying their ladder. It seems that the ghost is lonely and not angry, and no one has reported injuries because of the hauntings.   –Jocelyn Laney

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