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El Chupacabras

El chupacabras is yet another beast that continues to elude science, but has dropped enough puzzle pieces to leave even the skeptical wondering. The name, now generally pronounced "chupacabra," is a reflection of the disturbing practice for which the creature is known, meaning "goat sucker." According to believers, it feeds off the blood of hapless livestock.

Tales of the creature originated in Puerto Rico, but quickly spread throughout Latin America and up through Mexico, leading some to believe Chupy is on the move. In recent years, reports have started coming in even from the southwestern United States, including Arizona. One of the first reportedly came from a Tucson resident named Billy Nubian who, together with his partner, was woken up in the middle of the night by the panicked bleats of the couple's two goats. When the man ran

out to see what was happening, he saw what he described as a large "ratlike creature" in the goat pen, pinning one of the animals to the ground. Nubian said that when the beast noticed him, it turned to face him and let out an inhuman shriek before disappearing into the dark.

A few years later, in 2003, another Tucson resident reported a similar experience. The girl, who wished to be identified only as Sarah A., recalled a "half-man, half-ape looking thing" squatting in her front yard. As she walked outside toward her mother's car, she and the creature startled one another. Crouching "frog style," the beast leapt toward her, made a hissing noise, then ran away. According to the girl's description, the frightening creature had big, piercing eyes, large hind legs and an arched back covered in spines.

Unfamiliar with the chupacabra legend at the time, Sarah discovered only later that what she saw agreed with others' accounts of the blood-sucking monster. The kangaroo-like legs, large eyes and spiked back all matched. Witnesses also sometimes describe it as being somewhat like a primate. Some say its oversized eyes glow red in the night. Other features often described include reptilian skin, short arms, sharp claws, fangs and a rat-like tail.

Stories of the beast, when compared to those of other elusive creatures like the Mohaves' Amaypathenya or the Mogollon Monster's Bigfoot brethren, are rather new, dating back no further than the 1950s or '60s, which has led many to believe the chupacabra is nothing more than a regional superstition. But if that's all it is, that leaves little explanation for the thousands of mutilated, blood-drained animals that continue to be discovered in the areas it's said to inhabit.

The victims, mostly goats, cattle and chickens, are discovered after having been attacked sometime in the night. The animals are found emptied of blood, with peculiar, well-defined puncture wounds in either the neck or the hindquarters, though with no evidence of external bleeding. On occasion, these apparent chupacabra casualties suffer from other unusual injuries, such as having the anus "cored out," but again with no blood pouring from the wound.

These disturbing crime scenes also commonly lack any tracks, as one would expect from a normal animal attack. But this absence of footprints may support yet another unusual feature assigned to the chupacabra––some say the beast can fly. Though not very common, various witnesses report seeing Chupy bare his leathery wings. A few even claim to have seen the bloodsucker take to the air, as did one Arizonan who told us he spotted something about the size of a small ape cross his path along Interstate 19 on his way from Phoenix to Nogales. Somewhere near the border, the creature, which bore all resemblance to the chupacabra, flew into his headlights and upward into the night sky.

As yet, no humans have been assaulted by the bloodthirsty being. But if the chupacabra really has moved into Arizona as it seems, it's only a matter of time before it tires of dining on javelina and starts looking for larger game.\

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