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Here you will find strange stories listed by state and category. In the coming months we will be posting some of our favorite tales straight from the pages of our Weird US series of books. If you enjoy what you find on the site, why not stop over to our online store and order your own copy of Weird US from your favorite state. We're working on covering all 50 states, but if you don't see information on yours, please submit a story of your own. If we think it qualifies as "weird" you might just see it posted on the site. To send submissions please fill out the form on the contact page.

So far we have Washington, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Utah, and West Virginia posted. Stay tuned to this page for frequent updates.

–Mark and Mark

We've Just Released Weird Tennessee!

Harboring a deep-rooted fascination for the weird, Roger Manley enthusiastically began a tour of Tennessee to document all its peculiarities. “I’m looking for abandoned hospitals, blood springs, and cursed railroad crossings,” Manley told the locals. “Add to that the forest midgets, secret cults, snake-oil salesmen, upside-down trees, and werewolves . . . ” Those residents of the Hog and Hominy State certainly had plenty of tales to tell, and—sure enough—Manley was able to dig up things so truly astonishing, you’ll be tempted to check them out for yourself. Check out this brand-new entry in the best-selling Weird U.S. series, Weird Tennessee is packed with all the great stuff you never learned from your history teacher. Buckle up: Ancient mysteries, bizarre beasts, and unexplained phenomena await you.

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